An interesting article written by a Cayman Club member on the newly designed license plate holder. All the plates will have the second mounting hole to allow everyone the option to move the plate 3",4" or 5" closer to the center of the car. Anyone that has purchased the license plate tow hook kit that does not have the second mounting hole and would like it added just send it to me along with a check to cover postage.


Anti-Scalp Wheels w/ Bushings and Axle Bolts w/ Grease Fitting

New OEM wheels have been fitted with oil impregnated bronze bushings with a thrust washer on each end, then line reamed to 16mm dia. so the New OEM axle bolt which has been drilled and tapped for a 1/4-28 grease fitting, will turn  freely. Please E-mail me for pricing  I have new wheels and axle bolts in stock. 

 Description & Safety

Mower Deck Stands a Storing or Servicing Tool

The axle shafts are made of 1045 cold roll steel and are available in 1" or 1 1/4" diameters. Each end of the axle shaft is turned to 1/2" diameter to accept a 3" or 5" diameter by 1 1/4" wide polypropylene wheel. The 3" diameter wheel is rated at 250 lbs. each and the 5" diameter wheel is rated at 350 lbs. each. A safety kit is also supplied.

All axle sets are money back if you are not 100% satisfied.

If you have any questions please e-mail me at

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Safety Note: 

Mower Deck Axle Co.,LLC would like to suggest the following safety precautions. I suggest you secure the mower deck when it is in a vertical position by looping a chain through and around the center top axle (wheel assembly) and fasten it to a wall.

We are including a safety kit with all of our Mower Deck Axle Sets at no additional charge. The kit includes 1 #4 Screw eye, 1 Spring Snap Link & 18" of #2/0 Coil Chain.

To use, first drill a 5/32" hole in the wall stud and screw in your #4 screw eye, then snap the spring snap link onto the screw eye, and last snap one end of the chain onto the snap link and loop the loose end of the chain around the center wheel assembly and snap the loose end of chain onto the snap link.

"Please be careful"

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