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Porsche Carrera with Full Size Plate

Porsche 911 Carrera,Cayman & Boxster, Mercedes front license plate tow hook mount. Kit includes Tow hook stud, License plate holder w/ 2 mounting holes, (1) 3/8-16 X 1" flat head screw, (1) 7/32" hex wrench, (1) 1/2" dia. star washer, (4) 1/4-20 pan head screws, all fasteners are stainless steel, aluminum stud & plate are clear coated.

New Full Size Plate for all Model Cars
Installation Instructions

Front License Plate Tow Hook Mount Kit

Material Supplied:                                                                       Equipment Needed:

1. Stud                                                                                      7/8" Open End Wrench

2. Plate                                                                                     Anti seize Lubricant

3. Star washer

4. 3/8-16X1" Flat Head Screw

5. (4) 1/4-20X1/2" Pan Head Screws

6. 7/32 Hex Key Wrench


1. Remove plug in front fascia that covers the tow hook mounting hole. Be careful not to scratch the paint.

2. Screw the aluminum stud into the tow hook hole and tighten with 7/8" wrench.

3. Place 3/8-16X1" flat head screw through countersunk hole in plate.

4. Place star washer on 3/8" screw so it will be between tow hook stud and plate.

5. Holding plate in one hand, screw 3/8" screw into tow hook stud and tighten with 7/32 hex key wrench, level top of plate before final tightening of 3/8" screw.

To remove the front plate, simply unscrew the aluminum stud from the tow hook mounting hole using a 7/8" wrench and reinstall the plug in the fascia. It is not necessary to remove the plate and bracket from the aluminum stud.





Mower Deck Axle Co.,LLC - 710 State Rte.26 - Willet, NY 13863 -Phone 1-607-863-4208 www.moweraxle

An interesting article written by a Cayman Club member on the newly designed license plate holder. All the plates will have the second mounting hole to allow everyone the option to move the plate 3",4" or 5" closer to the center of the car. Anyone that has purchased the license plate tow hook kit that does not have the second mounting hole and would like it added just send it to me along with a check to cover postage.